"The Attic Project"

Here is Tracy in the attic of our house. He's been having to spend a lot of time up there. We've this problem that's literally hanging over our heads!

Tracy in the attic White loose fiberglass insulation blown in on top of the Black Rockwool insulation The Black Rockwool insulation is disintegrating into a fine black powder

Here you see the white fiberglass insulation blown in on top of the original black Rockwool insulation. This Rockwool insulation is disintegrating and turning into a fine black powder which is being blown all throughout the house because the ducts aren't sealed.

The big on going project is to remove all the old insulation, vacuum up the black powder, and lay new pink fiberglass batts.

Cleaning out the Attic

When the vent in the bathroom stoped working, we found one that exhausted out the top. We also moved the vent closer to the hole that was already made in the roof.

Ducts being cleaned

The duct work needed to be cleaned and repaired before we reinstalled it. We were going to buy new duct work, but it's a pretty custom set up. After Tracy's dad, Kerry, got done with the ducts, they looked brand new.

Attic area showing rafters and new pink panther insulation

Tracy has been doing a tremendous amount of work in the attic. Our ducts are clean and sealed, and we've now got heat! Tracy has started laying the new pink panther insulation.