Utility Room

Utility Room - before

It's a good thing there's a drain right there. . .
We've said that so many times. Needless to say, the utility room looked pretty harmless when we toured! All the stuff in there hid the problems.

Once we got our first look at the empty room, we were pretty surprised.

...And how many connecting pipes are needed from the water main to the water heater? ...What exactly is that loop of pipe along the floor for? ...Oh, and you got to love the handle-less hook ups for the washer!

Crazy as it looked we figured we could live with it for a while. One thing we did want to get rid of was all the trash behind the hot water heater. Tracy started one afternoon while I was at work. He found a box of dog treats, lots of trash, and little black balls with bugs inside them. Pretty gross. I'm glad I wasn't there while he was cleaning it up.

Utility Room - crazy pipes Utility Room

When he went to move the hot water heater back into place, it's a good thing there was a drain right there. All that pipe that was sticking out of the wall had enough.

When I got home from work, Tracy had the situation under control and quite the evening project layed out before us. By the time 2am rolled around we had learned to sweat pipe and had running hot water again. Not to mention, no extra maze of pipes sticking out of the walls.

new coper pipe no more loop