Microsoft Office Live

Microsoft Office Live is out of beta.

Microsoft Office Live isn’t what it sounds like. It’s not like Google documents & Spreadsheets. It is a way to create an online presence. The Basics version is free.

Microsoft Office Live Basics

  • Use Internet Explorer to register for the account and manage it
  • a free domain, you must use a credit card to secure your domain, no charge is actually made though
  • 500 MB of web space
  • customize the look of the site using the themes and templates provided
  • minimal webstats

I’ve created a site to mess around with, but haven’t really dug into it yet. I chose the domain to test out the basics.

There isn’t a way to modify the overal page markup. You have to upgrade to one of the paid levels to get that functionality. You can upload graphics. When I started, it told me I needed to download a tool to help me upload them, so I haven’t tried it out yet.

It’s rare that you get anything for free. As a webmaster, I’d rather pay for more features through a normal webhosting service like 1and1 or Lunarpages. I think of it as free parking on a domain I might want to use in the future.


After the latest round of Copiepresse vs. Google; Google posted some great informational articles on the classic robots.txt file as well as other ways to keep your information from being indexed.

Danny Sullivan has several write ups on robots.txt and Copiepresse as well.