About Something

In Kindergarten I won a Commodore 64.  My dad liked messing with it and I learned how to blow out cartridges.  I was never very good at those games.  Kaboom! was my favorite Atari game.  It’s played with the paddles.  We didn’t have an Atari, but my friend did.  Together with my siblings we saved for our NES.  I saved the princes.  Yes, I took the short cut.  From there it’s a blur of consoles; SNES, N64, Game Cube, and PS1&2.  I had played a few computer games, Sleuth, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, and Marble Madness but I remember having the most fun with the consoles.  When my husband said he was going to play World of Warcraft I didn’t think much of it.  Then he started playing and I had to have my own account.  I don’t have much time for games anymore, my WoW account is on ice, but it’s fun to remember.  😉