Minion Valentines

 While I don’t especial love V-day, I do love crafting.  V-day is an excellent excuse to craft.  Last year we came up with a super cute valentine idea for my son to take to his classmates.

My son was so excited about these “One in a Minion” valentines, that he helped build all of them!  We used black washi tape, glue dots, googly eyes, mini posties, and string to tie on the tags I printed.  We split each mini postie pad in two.  I cut strips of washi tape while my son placed them.  Then he used glue dots to stick on the eyes and a sharpie to draw smiles and hair.

I have to fess up though, this year we are sending classic purchased valentines to school.  As much as I think I should be crafting something, it is a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about it this year.



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