Hello Kitty Birthday

For Little’s second birthday I put together a Hello Kitty birthday party for her at the park.  She called her Hello Meow Meow then.  What is it that draws a kiddo’s attention to what they love?  From the first moment she caught a glimpse at the store, she was in love with Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Gift BagsI wanted to make her birthday full of Hello Kitty fun.  I also wanted to make treat bags that were going to be fun for more than a day. I used the small white bags at Hobby Lobby and bought enough with coupons for our attendees.  My plan was to freezer paper stencil Hello Kitty onto the bags.  I put stacks of freezer paper under an image that I had printed from online to help me cut out her features.  I hadn’t finished cutting out one eye before I was dreaming of having my own Silhouette.  Maybe someday I’ll own one.  By the time I finished cutting out all the stencils I’d given myself a pretty good blister, but it was worth it.  The cardboard inside the bags keeps them stiff so the stencil sticks well.  It also helps for better paint application.  After the painted bags were dry, I removed the stencil and gave them a quick iron to set the paint and started stuffing them with goodies.

Hello Kitty bow making stepsThe bags were filled with Hello Kitty goodness; stickers, temporary tattoos, cake topper rings, special candy, and bows just like Hello Kitty wears.  I made the bows with the 2 1/4″ red ribbon I used on my Rainbow Brite dress.  Before I started sewing, I sealed all the ends with a lighter so they wouldn’t unravel.  The best part about making Hello Kitty bows is they are lopsided, so you don’t have to worry about getting them perfect!  I hand stitched them onto the barrettes so they wouldn’t always be sliding off.  They were so cute!

Little with her Hello Kitty Balloon Boquet.For an extra special treat I ordered a Hello Kitty Mylar balloon bouquet for Little.  It was crazy big and took a ton of helium to fill.  I didn’t realize how much it would cost to inflate the balloons, but it was worth it.  Little loved the balloons and was so excited to carry them around the park.  The large Hello Kitty balloon was nearly as tall as her.  I used a stainless steel straw to flatten the balloons when we were done enjoying them.  Maybe one day we’ll use them again.

We had a lot of little boys we invited to the party.  I didn’t want them to feel left out so I made them Green Lantern treat bags.  I freezer paper stenciled the Green Lantern logo onto black bags from Hobby Lobby.  I put super hero stickers inside as well as candy and some squinkies.  They thought the Green Lantern rings were especially cool.  If you’re ordering rings for boys, they are the way to go.  I can’t believe they are currently out of stock.

Hello Kitty cupcakesI made Funfetti cupcakes and used Reynolds staybrite wrappers.  They are great to use for parties and special occasions and a fun break from the plain white ones I normally use.  Pillsbury Funfetti Hot Pink Vanilla Icing was the perfect topping.  I’m so glad they started making bright colored icing.  I’m not sure I could enjoy cupcakes if I knew how much food coloring it took to make the icing vibrant!  The pink sprinkles that come with the hot pink icing were a perfect sparkly addition.  They have a slightly iridescent sheen to them.  I printed out a few Hello Kitty cupcake toppers I found on pinterest.  I made enough to add randomly so the saran wrap wouldn’t stick to the cupcakes and mess up the icing.

I over planned for attendees.  There were so many left over treat bags!  I handed them out to friends when I remembered, but by the time November rolled around I still had a bag of bags on my desk.  I grabbed them on my way to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I hope they brought smiles to all the kids who received them.


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  1. Adorable! I especially love the cupcake toppers so you don’t have to worry about the saran wrap sticking. I use toothpicks, but the toppers are much cuter!
    Love the bags!

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