finished paintI Am Momma – Hear Me Roar did a guest post on making a Captain America tee just in time to get me into the 4th of July spirit.  My hubby saw it and knew our little guy needed one.  I was excited to try it.  I’ve never done freezer paper stenciling.  This seemed like a  simple pattern to try it out.

Cutting out the stencil is much easier if you use a sharp X-acto knife!  I got it ironed down with a little fussing to get all the pieces aligned.  I didn’t want red paint to get around the star so I cut some rounded scotch tape to seal that part up. I Am Momma uses fabric paint, but since I have a plastic bin full of acrylics and some of that stuff that turns acrylic paint into fabric paint I used that.

Captain America shirt  done!After all the set up the painting went crazy fast.  I was so excited to peel off the first ring around the star and see it all taking shape so nicely.  I thought my blue would be too dark so I added some white, but I didn’t like that.  The blue was perfect just the way it was.   I let the paint dry to the touch before pulling the stencil off.  Yea!  It looks great, aside from the red paint I dripped on the shirt.  I can’t wait to heat set it and run it through the wash.

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