16 grains of rice

16 grains of riceThis is what 16 grains of rice looks like.  It doesn’t sound like much until you say, “When he blew his nose, 16 grains of rice came out.”  Then it sounds like more; especially when the “he” is your 2 year old.  It was one of those too quiet moments when I became suspicious and checked on my little man to find him quietly sitting at his rice table, pushing rice up is nose.  There was no doubt what he’d been doing, “Rice up nose” he said.  After I told him “we don’t put rice up our nose” I had him blow his nose.  Thankfully he is a good nose blower.  After a couple more sneezes and nose blows, I counted 16 grains of rice.  I almost took a picture of the tissue to post, but then I got grossed out.  So, here is a representation of the 16 grains of rice that my son stuffed up his nose.

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