One million dollars!

A Million Dots by Andrew ClementsMuah ah ha!

Well, not really, but I couldn’t resist.  Actually, I’m talking about A Million Dots by Andrew Clements.  As we were wandering through the books at our local library, my Little grabbed this off the shelf.  I’m glad she did.  We sat down to read it and I was surprised how entertaining looking at a million dots could be.

Clements starts by showing what 10, 100, 500, and 1000 dots looks like.  Then he tells you to get ready to look at 1,000,000 dots.  I loved the extra information and illustrations of how big a number is.

dots and starsEach page is filled with dots! There is a neat image to go with the dots and on each page there is a featured dot.  It’s a seek and find to locate the circled dot.  When you find it, the number is listed on the page along with a description to to help you imagine how big that number is.

200000 dots pageMy kids favorite part was finding each circled dot.  I’m pretty sure they weren’t listening very closely as I was reading “two hundred thousand pennies would fill twenty-two one-gallon milk jugs.”  I don’t mind though.  I think A Million Dots is a great way to expose kids to large numbers, how to say them, and keep me entertained too.  We’ll check this one out again.

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